meDesign. I like to design things that are useful or just pleasing to the eye –kitchens & baths, furniture, sculpture, glass, jewelry, kitchens & baths, buildings, graphics….

Craft. I like to make things. I blow glass, sculpt, silversmith, paint, weld….
My curious nature leads me to experiment with various mediums and art forms.

Glass. I am totally enamored with the amazing process of working with molten glass. The fluidity of the hot glass that can be reIMG 0605tained in the finished form is a welcome escape from the constraints that are typical of architecture and furniture. This passion began in grad school when my advisor placed me in a glassblowing class –which he wanted to take. This led to my thesis design of a center for glass, metal, and clay arts. From that time I envisioned making such a place a reality in Chicago. In 2001, after focusing on my architecture career for about 15 years, I co-founded Chicago Hot Glass, Chicago’s first public access glass studio. Currently I am working on opening Molten Fire Arts, a not for profit, public access, glass and metal arts center to be located in Chicago.

Architecture. My love of architecture started when I was a child. When my mom would take us shopping downtown I loved seeing the magnificent buildings. So it isn’t surprising that architecture has a significant influence on work. Some furniture pieces are inspired by a particular building, though in the end, the correlation may not be obvious.

Sustainability. Even as a child –long before ‘green’ became popular –I was concerned about my impact on the world around me. In my Life and my work I use earth friendly products and methods as much as possible.

Teamwork. Since my designs –and imagination –are often more complex than my making capabilities I have a team of very talented individuals –and great friends –who can assist in the fabrication of my designs. I enjoy remaining closely involved in every step of the fabrication process. (See links below.)

me with girlsChinooks. My girls, Gina and Josi, are Chinooks –a rare breed of sleddog from New England. Turns out, along with getting my dogs, I was adopted into a family of Chinook lovers. My involvement with the Chinook Owners Association led me to edit and self publish two books titled ‘The Chinook Lovers’ Storybook’ vols. 1 & 2 to raise money for breed health research. They are a collection of stories written by various Chinook owners about their often quirky and always beloved dogs. I then edited the association’s newsletter, the’ Chinook Quarterly’ for two years.

Education. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. M. Architecture and BS in Architectural Studies

Illinois Institute of Technology
Neocon at the Merchandise Mart
Evanston Art Center
Hafele, Chicago showroom
The Hardy Gallery, Door County WI
ComEd’s Metamorfridges exhibit on Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Chicago Sculpture International
Glass Art Society
Chicago Furniture Designers Association –Board Member
Chicago Women in Architecture –Past President and VP

Jeffrey Kratowicz, Jeffreys Plumbing and Heating Service –All around terrific guy, budding artist, and excellent plumber.
Rick Bell, Industrialite Woodworking –Extraordinarily skilled craftsman.

Dave Earley –Super guy and great web designer.